Do you Want to Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos?

A whopping 80% of people report that they regret getting their tattoos. Some people get inked as a right of passage into adulthood, while others chose their art as part of a passing fad. Still others seek out body art to commemorate an event, or to honor a loved one.

At some point, however, the majority of these tatted individuals will grow to hate their tattoos. Dealing with unwanted tattoos has become easier thanks to technology and the introduction of laser tattoo removal. If you have a tattoo you hate, get rid of it. There are many reasons to remove your unwanted tattoo.

Unwanted Tattoos Can Hurt Your Career

While the stigma of the tattooed being rebels, criminals or outlaws has somewhat faded, tattoos have not yet gained widespread acceptance in the workplace. Many industries frown on body art, and having a visible tattoo can lock you out of certain professions. The finance industry, for example, is still a conservative corporate culture, and employers may be reluctant to hire someone with visible ink. In a tough job market, when companies are flooded with applicants, employers often look for reasons to exclude candidates. Don’t let your regretful tattoos keep you from landing the career you want.

Tattoos Can be a Painful Reminder of Your Past

Perhaps you were wildly in love and decided to get your boyfriend’s name tattooed on your neck. Maybe you were ready to propose and got your girlfriend’s name inked on your bicep. Now that the relationship is over, you don’t want a constant reminder of your past love. Having an ex’s name permanently etched on your body can hurt your current relationships.

Recently released inmates find that their tattoos are a visible reminder to society that they have been in prison. This can hurt them in interpersonal relationships, job searches and in their adjustment to society. There are many non-profit organizations that pay for laser tattoo removal for former prisoners.

Some people regret their tattoos as soon as they are inked. There is no reason to live with a tattoo you hate. Laser surgery can remove most tattoos completely, allowing you to go on with your life with a clean slate.

You’ve Outgrown the Tattoo

If you’re a 65-year old grandmother of three, it may not go over well if you have the word “juicy” tattooed on your chest. Many people get tattoos when they are in their late teens and early twenties, and find themselves regretting them later. At a different stage of life, they find that they have changed their attitudes, yet are stuck with the ink of years past. Fortunately, older tattoos are easier to remove, and laser tattoo removal can rid you of unwanted ink.

Don’t live with the regret of unwanted tattoos. We at Palm Beach Tattoo Removal can help you get rid of any unwanted tattoos. Our fees are reasonable and among the lowest in the region for a surgical center that provides this procedure. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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